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Aurora Espresso Coffee, locally roasted for superior taste

Unleash your inner barista with Aurora's own espresso coffee

From the moment you open the package until your very last aromatic sip, Aurora invites you to savour its signature line of Espresso Coffees. With a hearty blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, Aurora Espresso Coffee captures the distinct aroma and romance of an Italian café, combined with the unequivocal freshness that can only be produced by a locally roasted bean.

Aurora's coffees are roasted in Mississauga, Ontario using a mix of traditional artisan techniques and modern technology that produces an intense, full flavoured coffee experience. The packaging features a specially designed one-way valve that allows the coffee to be sealed immediately after roasting, sealing in the freshness for you to enjoy.

Aurora Espresso Coffee is now available for purchase as whole beans or grounds for stove-top and electric bar-style coffee machines. We welcome you to enjoy the essence of Aurora's signature taste and aroma. There's room for two at that table.

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Aurora Espresso Coffee is now available at many fine retailers across the country. Enter your address below and allow us to find the most convenient retail location. Please call ahead to confirm product availability.


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We are obviously very proud of our new espresso coffee, but your opinion is what really matters. As a small independent roaster, we take your feedback very seriously and will use it to make adjustments to our product line.

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In the coming days we'll be giving away tons of free samples of Aurora Espresso Coffee, so follow us on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye out for your chance to participate in one of our give-aways! We hope you have the opportunity to sample this exciting new product. If you like what you taste, be sure to let us know!